from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is an English-language web portal created in 1996 by the Dutch historian Jona Lendering ( Free University of Amsterdam ) (since 2000 at the current Internet address) , which deals with the history of antiquity .

Over time, numerous articles on the various topics of lendering have been created and published there. The focus is on the history of Persia and ancient Greece , especially the time of Alexander the Great . The history of Judaism and Rome is also taken into account. Together with the photographer Marco Prins, Lendering has put numerous photographs on the website.

English-language translations of selected ancient texts can also be viewed there, some of which are otherwise not freely available. The editions and translations of ancient oriental texts that can be found there are based on the work of Irving Finkel ( British Museum , London) and Bert van der Spek (Free University of Amsterdam), two recognized experts in cuneiform texts . These texts, which are available at, are also referred to in some specialist publications.

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