Logwin AG

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Logwin AG

legal form Corporation
ISIN LU1618151879
founding 1985
Seat Grevenmacher , LuxembourgLuxembourgLuxembourg 
  • Antonius Wagner ( CEO )
  • Sebastian Esser ( CFO )
  • Thomas Eisen
  • Hauke ​​Müller
  • Axel Steiner
Number of employees 4,330
sales 1.13 billion euros (2019)
Branch logistics
Website www.logwin-logistics.com
As of December 31, 2019

The Logwin Aktiengesellschaft , based in Grevenmacher ( Luxembourg ) is a global logistics service provider. Logwin employs around 4,300 people at around 190 locations in 36 countries. The company is 87.14 percent owned by Delton Logistics S.à.rl, whose sole owner is the entrepreneur Stefan Quandt .

Business areas and corporate structure

Logwin AG transports goods by truck, rail, air and sea freight and takes care of the associated storage. Business activities also include additional services for the goods being transported, special transports of non-standardized goods, taking over internal logistics from customers and controlling the entire supply chain through supply chain management . The company specializes in particular in customers from the plant and mechanical engineering, automotive, chemical, electronics, retail and fashion industries.

Logwin is organized in two areas:

  • "Air + Ocean" with an annual turnover of 753 million euros takes over the transport and the related additional services.
  • "Solutions" with an annual turnover of 376 million euros develops industry-specific transport and logistics concepts and operates a special European network for the transport of merchandise and clothing.


The group was founded in 1985 by Günter Thiel under the name "Thiel Logistik AG". Gradually he bought other logistics companies and incorporated them, including Birkart Globistics , Delhey , Locton , Overbruck and Südkraft . On March 20, 2000, the company went public. As a member of the Nemax 50 index, it was an important title in the Neuer Markt . The share rose from its issue price of 36 euros to a maximum price of 220 euros at the end of August 2000. Like many shares in the dot-com bubble , however, it then plummeted, to only 2 euros in July 2002. The company was eliminated from the MDAX one by one and the SDAX .

In mid-2002, the holding company Delton AG, whose sole shareholder is the entrepreneur Stefan Quandt, bought a narrow majority of Thiel AG's shares. Among other things, she acquired the shares of the founder and the management. In spring 2003, Günter Thiel left the company after disagreements with the new majority owner, and Klaus Eierhoff became the new CEO. After its rapid expansion, the group had to be saved from the threat of bankruptcy in the years that followed. Eierhoff was replaced in mid-2005; CEO of Delton AG, Berndt-Michael Winter, took over in personal union also both the CEO and the board chair of the Thiel AG. After the purchase by Delton, the group was massively restructured. In 2008 the company was renamed “Logwin”, and all subsidiaries were renamed to the new brand.

After another sharp drop in the share price to 64 cents, Delton AG made a takeover offer for the remaining shares in 2008. Within a short period of time, Delton increased its ownership share from 53.2 to 80.6 percent. In 2010, Logwin increased its equity by around a third in order to repay debt. The newly issued shares were acquired in full by Delton. In 2014, Antonius Wagner took over as CEO of Delton AG and, in the continuing personal union, also as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Logwin. After the share price had recovered to around 3 euros and the first dividend was paid out, the 2017 Annual General Meeting decided to merge 50 existing shares into one new one and, at the same time, to convert it into registered shares. In the trade press, the aim was to push out the small shareholders in order to be able to take the company off the stock exchange with the help of a " squeeze-out ". At this point in time, Delton AG had further increased its ownership stake to 86 percent. Conversely, Logwin AG now accounts for over 80 percent of Delton AG's investment sales.

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