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Loup de mer - related terms
European sea bass
Sea wolves ( wolffish ) Spotted Sea Wolf , Striped Sea Wolf

Loup de mer (French, roughly: "Wolf of the Sea") is a name for various edible fish , the meat of which is of different value. In French, the name loup is commonly used for predatory fish . The European sea bass from the Atlantic and Mediterranean is most valued . Only catches from the Mediterranean are presented in France as loup de mer . In German this distinction is usually not made.

Sometimes sea ​​wolves are also offered at lower prices under the same French name, which in itself is a correct translation. There are both the spotted sea wolf and the striped sea wolf in the trade, which do not differ in culinary terms. Both species are now marketed under the trade name " loach ". However, they have nothing to do with the protected freshwater fish loach .


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