Predatory fish

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Large barracuda ( Sphyraena barracuda ) with prey fish

Predatory fish are fish as predators that feed on fish ( fish predation ) and other fast prey animals .

The prey of predatory fish are aquatic animals that are not exactly tiny in relation to the fish and can flee quickly: in addition to fish e.g. B. cuttlefish , higher crustaceans and amphibians , in the youth phase also dragonfly and beetle larvae . Some predatory fish such as sharks also eat mammals, e.g. B. Seals. Most predatory fish are ambush hunters , hidden or camouflaged, waiting for prey . Fish that feed on plant-based food or slow prey, as well as plankton filters , are called non-predatory fish .

Predatory fish are found in both fresh and salt water . Examples of freshwater predatory fish are pike ( Esox ) and catfish ( Silurus ) as well as many trout fish (Salmonidae) and perch-like (Perciformes). Predatory fish in the sea include the sharks (Selachii), marine perch-like like the barracudas (Sphyraena) as well as mackerel and tuna (Scombridae).

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