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A tiger python was captured by a Mississippi alligator in the Florida Everglades . Conversely, younger alligators can prey on larger individuals of the tiger python.
Springbok , a leopard's prey brought to safety on a camel thorn tree near Simplon (Namibia) World icon

A prey animal or prey is an animal that is caught and killed by a predator ( predator or predator as consumer of the 2nd or 3rd order ) for the purpose of eating ( zoophagy ). Most of the herbivores belong to the prey animals (1st order consumers). Predatory carnivores (carnivores), for example the predators (Carnivora), mostly prey on young, weak or sick animals, both to minimize the risk of injury and the energy expenditure during the hunt and to improve the chances of success.

A lion has captured an African buffalo

The prey spectrum is understood to mean all types of prey that a certain type of predator can use. Both specialization and expansion of the food spectrum can result in advantages for the survival of the species. Often only a part of the prey spectrum is used continuously and the remaining part is used when there is a lack of food. The prey scheme is the agreement of the prey animal with the spectrum of the predator for its prey.

Knowing the food spectrum of a species is of particular importance when taking measures to protect species . Because a lack of prey belonging to the food spectrum cannot be compensated for by an additional supply of other prey.

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