Lutatius Treaty

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The Lutatius Treaty marks the end of the First Punic War . After the war between the Roman and Carthaginian empires had lasted for 24 years, the Carthaginian fleet suffered in the spring of 241 BC. A particularly severe defeat at the Aegatic Islands . The majority of the Carthaginian Council was then interested in making peace with Rome as soon as possible. For this they were also prepared to give up the Sicilian position. The commander of the troops on the Eryx, Hamilkar Barkas , was tasked with negotiating a peace treaty. On the Roman side, the still incumbent consul of the previous year, Gaius Lutatius Catulus, negotiated . However, the preliminary treaty was rejected by the Roman people's assembly and a delegation of ten representatives, the Decemviri , under the leadership of Quintus Lutatius Cerco , brother of Gaius Lutatius Catulus , was sent to the Carthaginians, who negotiated the actual Lutatius treaty.

The preliminary contract contained the following conditions:

  1. Eviction of Sicily
  2. No military action against Syracuse
  3. Free release of Carthaginian and Roman prisoners of war
  4. Reparation payments of 2,200 talented Yubes within twenty years

The legally binding Lutatius contract contained the following conditions:

  1. Evacuation of Sicily and all islands between Italy and Sicily
  2. Waiver of influence by all alliance partners in the contractual partner's sphere of influence
  3. Free release of Carthaginian and Roman prisoners of war
  4. Reparation payments of 2,200 Yuboian talents within ten years, as well as 1,000 Yuboian talents immediately

Research is debating whether the Preliminary Treaty actually contained a ratification clause. However, it is generally believed that non-ratification by the Roman People's Assembly was legitimate.


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