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M6Bone is a testing computer network , the IPv6 - Multicast offering services. It thus promotes the spread of the IPv6 network protocol , the successor to the IPv4 protocol. The word is a cross between MBone and 6Bone . M stands for multicast, the simultaneous sending of data packets to many addresses in a network, 6 stands for IPv6 and Bone stands for backbone .

The M6Bone network is intended to provide IPv6 multicast services for those interested. First, the network should help develop improved IPv6 services and enable access via multicast video conferencing software in order to participate in multicast broadcasts. It is thus possible to reach PC workstations or computer-based receiving stations with data streams distributed over a network simultaneously and far away. Examples of this would be a long-distance university with an Internet lecture or a business conference that can be received via many distributed video telephony PC terminals .

Some broadcasts are periodically imported into the M6bone test network, such as the RENATER talks (see web links), some lectures, the IPv6 conferences from Nouakchott and the video conferences between the partners of the 6net project.

After all, the M6bone is intended to bring people closer to IPv6 multicast in order to try out and understand how it works in a test environment before it is used in a productive environment. It is therefore used to test equipment , software and hardware .

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