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MBasic 5.21 on a CP / M Z80 system, typically displayed on a green monitor for this time.

MBASIC is the Microsoft BASIC - implementation of the programming language BASIC for the operating system CP / M on the 8-bit Intel 8080 processor. MBASIC is an evolution of the original Altair BASIC - interpreter was among the first to Microsoft's products and on the 8800 Altair computer was running. MBASIC was part of numerous software packages that shipped with CP / M computers, including Osborne 1 , Osborne Executive , Kaypro, and others.

MBASIC is an interpreter . However, the BASCOM compiler , also from Microsoft, processes almost the same language. Often software was created and tested under MBASIC and then translated into machine language using BASCOM, which was then delivered.


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