MHK Krylya Sovetov Moscow

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MHK Krylja Sowetow Moscow
МХК Крылья Советов Москва
Club information
history MHK Krylja Sowetow Moscow (2008-2010)
Location Moscow , Russia
Club colors blue White Red
league Wysschaja Liga (2008–2009)
Molodjoschnaja Chokkeinaja Liga (2009–2010)

The MHK Krylja Sowetow Moscow ( Russian МХК Крылья Советов Москва , English Soviet Wings Moscow ) was a Russian ice hockey club that existed after separating from Krylya Sovetov Moscow in 2008 until the two clubs were reunified in 2010.


After the Wysschaja Liga - season 2007/08 there were differences between Krylja Sowetow Moscow and the operator of its home stadium due to outstanding rent payments. As a result, the professional department was excluded and then split off from the rest of the club under the leadership of club president Alexander Tretjak . The junior department and the club's ice hockey school, however, remained in the original club and formed their own professional department for the 2008/09 season under the name MHK Krylja Sowetow Moscow, which also competed in the second-rate Wysschaya League.

For the 2009/10 season, the professional division of the MHK stopped playing, while its junior division joined the newly established multinational youth league Molodjoschnaja Chokkeinaja Liga . In the summer of 2010, both clubs were reunited and take on as PHK Krylja Sowetow Moscow.

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