Krylya Sovetov Moscow

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HK Krylja Sowetow Moscow
ХК «Крылья Советов» Москва
HK Krylja Sowetow Moscow ХК «Крылья Советов» Москва
Greatest successes
Club information
history Krylja Sowetow Moscow (1947–1953)
Zenit Moscow (1953–1954)
Krylja Sowetow Moscow (1954–2008)
PHK Krylja Sowetow Moscow (2008–2010)
MHK Krylja Sowetow Moscow (2008–2010)
Krylja Sowetow Moscow (since 2010)
Location Moscow , Russia
Club colors blue White Red
Venue Universal sports palace
capacity 5,266 seats

The HK Krylja Sowetow Moscow ( Russian Хоккейный клуб "Крылья Советов" Москва , German "Hockey Club 'Wing of the Soviets ' Moscow" ) is an ice hockey club founded in 1947 in the Russian city ​​of Moscow , which belongs to the Russian Air Force. The club colors are blue, white and red.


Since it was founded in 1947, Krylya Sowetow Moscow has been one of the most successful clubs in the Soviet Union thanks to its connection to the Soviet military behind city rivals CSKA and Spartak . In 1957 and 1974 the team won the Soviet championship and in 1951, 1974 and 1989 the cup competition. The greatest success, however, was winning the European Cup in 1975 . Krylja Sowetow was able to celebrate further international successes at the Spengler Cup in 1979 and 1987 . As one of the top clubs in the Soviet Union, Krylya Sovetov took part in the Super Series comparisons with the National Hockey League in 1976 , 1979 and 1990 . Six of the twelve games were won. In contrast, there were two draws and four defeats.

In the 1994/95 season , a delegation from Krylja Sowetow Moscow under the name Soviet Wings took part in the game operations of the North American professional league International Hockey League and played a total of 17 season games - one game against every regular IHL participant.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union , the former flagship club could no longer build on the successes from the past and rose in 1999 for the first time from the first-class super league to the second-class Wysschaja league . After the resurgence in 2001, the second class went back in 2003. It then took three years before Krylya Sovetov was able to compete in the super league again. In 2007, however, the club rose again from the Wysschaya League. In the following year there were differences between the hall operator and the club management due to outstanding rent payments. As a result, the professional department was excluded and then split off from the rest of the club under the leadership of club president Alexander Tretjak. Since other institutions of the club, such as the ice hockey school and the junior teams, did not take this step, they formed their own professional department as MHK Krylja Sowetow Moscow , which also competed in the Vysschaya League in the 2008/09 season . In the following season, however, the professional department of the MHK remained inactive and instead this joined a junior team in the junior league Molodjoschnaja Chokkeinaja Liga .

Both clubs have been reunited since summer 2010. While the professional division of Krylya Sovetov Moscow in the 2010/11 season in the new second division, the Vysschaya Hockey League , the MHL team was relocated to Dmitrov and played there as Krylya Sovetov Dmitrov. In the summer of 2011, both teams were stopped playing due to financial problems. Since then the association has been working exclusively with youth.

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