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The Soviet master or "Master of the USSR" (official Russian name "чемпион СССР" ) was played in ice hockey from 1946 to 1992. Subsequently, the Soviet championship was replaced by the International Hockey League .


Between 1946 and 1970, the highest Soviet ice hockey league took place under the name Klass A. Then it was held until 1992 under the name " Wysschaja Liga ". As a result of the political upheaval and the subsequent dissolution of the USSR, the Vysschaya League was replaced as the top division and replaced by the International Hockey League , which consisted of teams from the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) . The champions of the 1991/92 season , HK Dynamo Moscow , continued to refer to themselves on their website as "Masters of the USSR", as the Soviet Union still existed at the time the championship began. Dynamo Moscow is sometimes referred to as the first "master of the CIS" ( "Чемпионат СНГ" ).

Most successful clubs

Although the Soviet ice hockey league consisted of teams from different Soviet republics, only Moscow clubs won. The undisputed record champions are HK CSKA Moscow , which won a total of 32 championships and won the title without interruption from 1977 to 1989. The reasons for this dominance, which ultimately extended across Europe, can be seen in the sports policy of the time, when the most talented players in the country were regularly delegated to the army sports club in the capital. As a result, the Soviet national ice hockey team was almost identical to the CSKA Moscow team for many years.

In addition to CSKA, four other Moscow clubs have won the championship over the years.

Title holder

  • 1963 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1964 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1965 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1966 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1967 HK Spartak Moscow
  • 1968 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1969 HK Spartak Moscow
  • 1970 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1971 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1972 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1973 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1974 Krylja Sowetow Moscow
  • 1975 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1976 HK Spartak Moscow
  • 1977 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1978 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1979 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1980 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1981 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1982 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1983 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1984 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1985 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1986 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1987 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1988 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1989 HK CSKA Moscow
  • 1990 HK Dynamo Moscow
  • 1991 HK Dynamo Moscow
  • 1992 HK Dynamo Moscow *

* controversial whether CIS or USSR champions

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