Vysschaya Hockey League

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Vysschaya Hockey League
Logo of the Vysschaya Hockey League

Current season Vysschaya Hockey League 2019/20
sport ice Hockey
abbreviation VHL
Association Russian Ice Hockey Federation
League foundation 2010
Teams 34
Country countries RussiaRussia Russia (27) Kazakhstan (3) People's Republic of China (3) Uzbekistan (1)
China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China 
Title holder HK Saryarka Karaganda
Record champions Toros Neftekamsk (3)
TV partner own YouTube channel
Website www.vhlru.ru
^ Continental Hockey League

The Vysschaja Hockey League ( Russian Высшая хоккейная лига , German Supreme Hockey League , until 2010 Vysschaja Liga ) is the second highest ice hockey league in Russia after the Continental Hockey League and also a multinational league with participants from Russia, Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China . The Wysschaya Hockey League B and the Molodjoschnaja Chokkeinaja League are located under the Wysschaja Hockey League . The second division champion receives the Bratina Cup .


Until the collapse of the Soviet Union , the Wysschaja Liga was the top division, the second-rate league was the Perwaja Liga ( Russian Первая лига ) and including the Wtoraja Liga ( Russian Вторая лига ). This arrangement was dissolved in 1992 and the Vysschaya League became second class.

In the summer of 2010, the second division was reformed after the KHL and renamed the Wysschaja Hockey League . In addition to a new logo, the league was detached from the Russian ice hockey association and got its own management consisting of representatives from the KHL and the Russian association. In addition, the number of teams was limited to 20 participants who play in two conferences . With the inclusion of HK Lada Tolyatti from the KHL and Dynamo Dmitrow , the new farm team of the OHK Dynamo , other teams had to leave the league, including PHK Krylja Sowetow Moscow and Chimik Voskressensk . Chimik and Krylya Sovetov had submitted incomplete license documents, while HK Lipetsk was the last club to receive its license on June 30, 2010.

In mid-July, the administration of the city of Dmitrov terminated its cooperation with the OHK Dynamo, so that the latter looked for a new partner and venue. On July 16, a contract was signed with the city of Tver , so that both the HK Dynamo Tver and the HK Sheriff from the Molodjoschnaja Chokkeinaja League played in Tver.

At the end of July 2010 HK Lipetsk had to surrender its license for financial reasons, as the regional administration refused to support the club in excess of 70 million rubles. In August 2010, Alexander Medvedev initiated talks between the PHK Krylja Sowetow Moscow and MHK Krylja Sowetow Moscow , which led to the reunification of the separated clubs. Krylya's professional team took the place of HK Lipetsk, while the junior team will play in the MHL.

For the 2011/12 season with Titan Klin , Sokol Krasnoyarsk and Donbass Donetsk, three expansion teams were added to the league, with Donetsk being the first team from Ukraine to enter the league. HK Dynamo Tver was relocated to Balashikha and renamed HK Dynamo Balashikha . After the plane crash near Yaroslavl , in which almost the entire KHL team of Lokomotive Yaroslavl perished, Yaroslavl withdrew its nomination in the KHL and also took part in the VHL game. A year later, Donetsk was accepted into the KHL, as well as Lokomotive Yaroslavl entered the top division again, but continued to participate in the VHL with a second team. For this, the teams HK Saryarka Karaganda from Kazakhstan, HK Junost Minsk from Belarus and the Russian teams HK Kuban Krasnodar , HK Buran Voronezh and THK Tver were added as expansion teams. In 2013 HK Lipetsk was re-entered into the league, HK Junost Minsk and Lokomotive Yaroslavl II left after just one year. The HK WMF Saint Petersburg was to Kondopoga relocated and HK WMF Karelija renamed.

Season overview

season Gold medal icon.svg Bratina Cup Silver medal icon.svg finalist Main round winner
2010/11 RussiaRussia Ruby Tyumen RussiaRussia Neftjanik Almetyevsk RussiaRussia Ruby Tyumen
2011/12 RussiaRussia Toros Neftekamsk RussiaRussia Ruby Tyumen RussiaRussia Ruby Tyumen
2012/13 RussiaRussia Toros Neftekamsk KazakhstanKazakhstan HK Saryarka Karaganda KazakhstanKazakhstan HK Saryarka Karaganda
2013/14 KazakhstanKazakhstan HK Saryarka Karaganda RussiaRussia Ruby Tyumen RussiaRussia Toros Neftekamsk
2014/15 RussiaRussia Toros Neftekamsk RussiaRussia Ishstal Izhevsk KazakhstanKazakhstan HK Saryarka Karaganda
2015/16 RussiaRussia Neftjanik Almetyevsk RussiaRussia Ishstal Izhevsk RussiaRussia THK Tver
2016/17 RussiaRussia HK Dynamo Balashikha KazakhstanKazakhstan Torpedo Ust-Kamenogorsk KazakhstanKazakhstan Torpedo Ust-Kamenogorsk
2017/18 RussiaRussia HK Dynamo Saint Petersburg RussiaRussia SKA Neva Saint Petersburg RussiaRussia HK Dynamo Saint Petersburg
2018/19 KazakhstanKazakhstan HK Saryarka Karaganda RussiaRussia Ruby Tyumen RussiaRussia SKA Neva Saint Petersburg

Participants in the 2019/20 season

Surname Location Stadion capacity KHL partner founded admission
Neftjanik Almetyevsk RussiaRussia Almetyevsk Jubileiny Sports Palace Almetyevsk 2,200 Neftechimik Nizhnekamsk 1965 2010
Yermak Angarsk RussiaRussia Angarsk Jermak Stadium 6,900 HK Sibir Novosibirsk 1958 2010
Ishstal Izhevsk RussiaRussia Izhevsk Ischstal Sports Palace 3,900 Severstal Cherepovets 1959 2010
Tsen Tou Jilin China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Jilin - 2017 2017
Bars Kazan RussiaRussia Kazan Kazan Sports Palace 3,523 Ak Bars Kazan 2009 2014
HK Sokol Krasnoyarsk RussiaRussia Krasnoyarsk Arena north 2,600 Amur Khabarovsk 1977 2011
Sauralje Kurgan RussiaRussia Kurgan Mostowik Ice Palace 2,500 HK Metallurg Magnitogorsk 1961 2010
Toros Neftekamsk RussiaRussia Neftekamsk Ice Palace Neftekamsk 2,000 Salawat Yulayev Ufa 1988 2010
Metallurg Novokuznetsk RussiaRussia Novokuznetsk Sports palace of the Kuznetsk metallurgists 7,533 - 1949 2017
Yuzhny Ural Orsk RussiaRussia Orsk Rostoshi Ice Palace 4,500 Admiral Vladivostok 1958 2010
Disel Pensa RussiaRussia Penza Disel Arena 5,500 HK Lada Tolyatti 1955 2010
Molot-Prikamje Perm RussiaRussia Perm Universal sports palace 6,000 - 1948 2010
HK Saryarka Karaganda KazakhstanKazakhstan Karagandy Karaganda Sports Palace 5,500 HK Awangard Omsk 2006 2012
HK Ryazan RussiaRussia Ryazan Ryazan Olympic Sports Palace 2,700 Yaroslavl locomotive 1955 2010
HK Dynamo Saint Petersburg RussiaRussia St. Petersburg Jubileiny Sports Complex 6,800 HK Sochi 2013 2016
SKA Neva Saint Petersburg RussiaRussia St. Petersburg Sports Palace SKA 1,850 SKA Saint Petersburg 2008 2010
HK Sarov RussiaRussia Sarov Sarov Ice Palace 1,200 2002 2010
Ruby Tyumen RussiaRussia Tyumen Tyumen Sports Palace 3,300 HK Ugra Khanty-Mansiysk 1959 2010
Zvezda Chekhov RussiaRussia Chekhov Vityaz Ice Hockey Center 3,300 HK CSKA Moscow 2015 2015
HK Chelmet Chelyabinsk RussiaRussia Chelyabinsk Metschel Sports Palace 3,650 HK tractor Chelyabinsk 1948 2010
Torpedo Ust-Kamenogorsk KazakhstanKazakhstan Öskemen Sports Palace Öskemen 4,400 Barys Astana 1955 2010
Gornjak Uchaly RussiaRussia Uchaly Gornjak ice arena 1,500 Awtomobilist Ekaterinburg 2012 2017
HK Buran Voronezh RussiaRussia Voronezh Jubileiny Sports Palace Voronezh 3,040 1977 2012
Chimik Voskressensk RussiaRussia Voskressensk Ice Palace Podmoskovye 4,500 HK Spartak Moscow 1953 2015
HK Tambov RussiaRussia Tambov 1,200 - 1981 2018
HK Lada Tolyatti RussiaRussia Tolyatti Lada arena 6.122 - 1981 2018
KRS-BSU Beijing China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Beijing Beijing Sports University Kunlun Red Star 2017 2017
ORG Beijing China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Beijing Shougang Ice Rink 1,200 Kunlun Red Star 2019 2019
HK Rostov RussiaRussia Rostov on Don 600 - 2004 2019
Nomad Nur-Sultan KazakhstanKazakhstan Nur-Sultan Sports Palace Kazakhstan 4,070 Barys Nur-Sultan 2007 2019
Torpedo Gorky Nizhny Novgorod RussiaRussia Nizhny Novgorod Konovalenko Sports Palace 4,300 Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod 2019 2019
HK Dynamo Tver RussiaRussia Tver Jubileiny Sports Complex 2,000 HK Dynamo Moscow 2010 2019
Humo Tashkent UzbekistanUzbekistan Tashkent Humo arena 12,500 - 2018 2019


season 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 Participation
Attendees 20th 23 27 26th 24 26th 26th 26th
RussiaRussia Neftjanik Almetyevsk VHL 8th
RussiaRussia Yermak Angarsk VHL 8th
RussiaRussia HK Dynamo Balashikha - VHL - 6th
RussiaRussia Zvezda-VDV Dmitrov - VHL - 1
UkraineUkraine HK Donbass Donetsk - VHL - 1
China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China KRS Heilongjiang - VHL 1
RussiaRussia Ishstal Izhevsk VHL 8th
RussiaRussia Yaroslavl II locomotive - VHL - 2
China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Tsen Tou Jilin - VHL 1
KazakhstanKazakhstan HK Saryarka Karaganda - VHL 6th
RussiaRussia Bars Kazan - VHL 4th
RussiaRussia Titan Clin - VHL - 3
RussiaRussia HK Kuban Krasnodar - VHL - 3
RussiaRussia HK Sokol Krasnoyarsk - VHL 7th
RussiaRussia Sauralje Kurgan VHL 8th
RussiaRussia HK Lipetsk - VHL - 2
BelarusBelarus HK Junost Minsk - VHL - 1
RussiaRussia Krylya Sovetov Moscow VHL - 1
RussiaRussia Toros Neftekamsk VHL 8th
RussiaRussia Sputnik Nizhny Tagil VHL 8th
RussiaRussia Metallurg Novokuznetsk - VHL 1
RussiaRussia Yuzhny Ural Orsk VHL 8th
RussiaRussia Disel Pensa VHL 8th
RussiaRussia Molot-Prikamje Perm VHL 8th
RussiaRussia HK Ryazan VHL 8th
RussiaRussia HK Dynamo Saint Petersburg - VHL 2
RussiaRussia SKA Neva Saint Petersburg VHL 8th
RussiaRussia Crystal Saratov VHL - VHL - 6th
RussiaRussia HK Sarov VHL 8th
RussiaRussia Ruby Tyumen VHL 8th
RussiaRussia HK Lada Tolyatti VHL - 4th
RussiaRussia Zvezda Chekhov - VHL 3
RussiaRussia HK Chelmet Chelyabinsk VHL 8th
RussiaRussia HK Dynamo Tver VHL - 1
RussiaRussia THK Tver - VHL - 5
KazakhstanKazakhstan Torpedo Ust-Kamenogorsk VHL 8th
RussiaRussia Gornjak Uchaly - VHL 1
RussiaRussia Ariada Wolschsk VHL - 7th
RussiaRussia HK Buran Voronezh - VHL 6th
RussiaRussia Chimik Voskressensk - VHL 3

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