HK Lada Tolyatti

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HK Lada Tolyatti
ХК Лада Тольятти
HK Lada Tolyatti ХК Лада Тольятти
Greatest successes
Club information
history Torpedo Tolyatti (1976–1989)
HK Lada Tolyatti (since 1989)
Location Tolyatti , Russia
Club colors blue White Red
league Vysschaya Hockey League
Venue Lada arena
capacity 6,122 seats
Head coach Nikolai Kazakov
Season 2018/19 5th place, playoff round of 16

The HK Lada Tolyatti ( Russian ХК Лада Тольятти ) is an ice hockey club founded in 1976 in the Russian city ​​of Tolyatti . The club has been playing in the Vysschaya Hockey League again since 2018 . The club colors are blue, white and red.


The club was founded in 1976 as Torpedo Tolyatti and played in the Wtoraja League , the third division of the Soviet Union , for the next five years . Torpedo won the respective regional relay in 1979 and 1982 and thus rose in 1982 to the second-rate Pervaya League .

The team celebrated other titles by winning the East relay in 1986 and the 1991 promotion round of the Pervaya League. In 1989, today's stock corporation AwtoWAS took over the patronage of the club and introduced the name of the car brand Lada as an identifier. In addition, with Gennady Zygurow, a new head coach was hired, with whom the first team in 1991 rose to the top division of the Soviet Union, the Wysschaja Liga . There the team established itself in the first season with a ninth place in the table.

Team poster for winning the European Cup in 1996

In 1992 the Vysschaya League was converted into the International Hockey League and Lada won the main round of the Eastern Conference. In the play-offs, the team reached the final, in which it was defeated by HK Dynamo Moscow and so won the runner-up.

As a result, the team won the championship of the Commonwealth of Independent States twice in 1994 and 1996 . This made the HK Lada the first national champion since the introduction of ice hockey in 1946 that did not come from Moscow. The greatest successes were winning the European Ice Hockey Cup in 1996 and winning the IIHF Continental Cup in 2005/06 . In addition, Lada Tolyatti was runner-up in 1995, 1997 and 2005 in the CIS and Russia.

The club began to decline in 2006 when 16 players left the team during the season and the season had to be played with junior players to the end. The background to this development was the difficult economic situation of the AwtoWAS group.

Before the 2009/10 season , the team was facing bankruptcy. The financing could be secured for the time being through the new main sponsor Rostechnologii . After the guaranteed payments were not made for the time being, Lada was saved from the dissolution of the association by an injection of 17 million rubles from the KHL . Subsequently, before the 2010/11 season, he withdrew to the Wysschaja Liga , as the exemption for the club's venue had previously expired.

After the opening of the new Lada Arena , the club returned to the Continental Hockey League for the 2014/15 season . Sergei Svetlov , who brought along the players Dmitri Vorobjow , Andrei Nikitenko and Stanislav Botscharow from Admiral Vladivostok, was signed as head coach . For the new KHL squad, some players with roots in Tolyatti, such as Yuri Petrow and Alexander Tschernikow , were signed.

After the 2017/18 season, Lada was again excluded from the KHL. This step was justified primarily with a lack of sporting results, a high financing rate by the KHL itself, a lack of TV ratings and low audience numbers at home games.


The Volgar Sports Palace, the club's old venue

Until 2013, Lada Tolyatti played its home games in the outdated Volgar Sports Palace, which can hold 2,900 spectators.

According to the regulations of the Russian championship, every participant from the 2007/08 season would have had to present a venue with a capacity of at least 5,500 spectators. Therefore, there were various plans to build a new ice rink to meet these requirements. The lack of a suitable venue was one of the reasons the club was banned from the Continental Hockey League in 2010.

On August 9, 2013, the Lada-Arena , the club's new home, opened. The modern arena seats 6,122 spectators.



Master squad

IHL 1993/94
IHL champion HK Lada Tolyatti
IHL logo

Goalkeepers: Andrei Bolsunowski , Alexei Marjin , Gennady Ushakov

Defenders: Oleg Burluzki , Viktor Dronow , Rafik Jakubow , Oleg Koftun , Mikhail Milechin , Igor Nikitin , Yuri Panov , Sergei Pereshogin , Dmitri Shulakov , Pavel Zubov , Vladimir Tarasov , Oleg Volkov

Attackers: Vyacheslav Besukladnikow , Pawel Desjatkow , Eduard Gorbachev , Pyotr Gorjunow , Alexander Ivanov , Anatoly Jemelin , Konstantin Kusmitschow , Sergei Martschkow , Alexander Nesterov , Stanislaw Panfilenkow , Andrei Razin , Vadim Schaidullin , Sergei Scherebzow , Yuri Slow , Ivan Swinzizki , Igor Truchatschew

Head coach: Gennadi Zygurow  Assistant coach: Alexander Tytschkin , Sergei Michaljow

IHL 1995/96
IHL champion HK Lada Tolyatti
IHL logo

Goalkeepers: Andrei Bolsunowski , Sergei Nikolajew

Defenders: Andrei Buschtschan , Aleh Chmyl , Oleg Davydov , Oleg Koftun , Aljaksandr Makryzki , Igor Nikitin , Aleh Ramanau , Alexei Tesikow , Oleg Volkov , Vladimir Tarasov

Attackers: Oleg Belkin , Vyacheslav Besukladinkow , Pawel Desjatkow , Eduard Gorbachev , Alexander Ivanov , Anatoly Jemelin , Pavel Lazarev , Oleg Maltsev , Denis Metljuk , Alexander Nesterov , Vasil Pankou , Konstantin Peregudov , Vadim Podresow , Yuri Slow , Ivan Swinzizki , Konstantin Tatarinzew

Head coach: Gennadi Zygurow  Assistant coach: Alexander Tytschkin , Sergei Michaljow

IIHF Continental Cup 2005/06
IIHF Continental Cup winner HK Lada Tolyatti
Logo of the IIHF Continental Cup

Goalkeepers: Vasily Koschetschkin , Alexei Semjonow

Defenders: Denis Bodrov , Michail Buturlin , Artur Garipow , Māris Jass , Alexei Jemelin , Marat Kalimulin , Andrei Kruchinin , Dmitri Vorobyov , Pavel Voroshnin

Attackers: Denis Abdullin , Evgeni Bodrow , Alexander Bumagin , Alexander Buturlin , Ilja Dokschin , Wadim Golubzow , Evgeni Ketow , Anton Kryssanow , Andrij Michnow , Jakow Ratschinski , Stanislaw Schmakin

Head coach: Pyotr Vorobjow  Assistant coach: Valery Shaposhnikov , Anatoly Jemelin

Well-known former players

Trainer since 1990

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