THK Tver

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THK Tver
ТХК Тверь
THK Tver ТХК Тверь
Club information
history Spartak Kalinin (1949–1952)
SKWO Kalinin (1952–1961)
SKA MWO Kalinin (1961–1990)
Egida Tver (1990–1992)
Mars Tver (1992–1994)
Zvezda Tver (1994–1995)
THK Tver (1995–2017)
Location Tver , Russia
Club colors blue White
Venue Jubileiny Sports Complex Tver
capacity 1,980 seats
executive Director Valery Babin
Head coach Vladimir Koltsov
Season 2016/17 7th place, playoff round of 16

The THK Tver ( Russian Тверской Хоккейный Клуб / Tver Hockey Klub) is a former Russian ice hockey club , which was founded in 1949 as Spartak Kalinin and played for most of its existence in the highest Soviet and later Russian leagues. Most recently, the men's team played in the second-rate Wysschaja Hockey League until 2017 .


In 1952 the name of the club was changed to SKWO Kalinin , 1961 to SKA MWO Kalinin and 1999 to THK Tver . In 2004 the Russian Interior Ministry decided to finance its own ice hockey club and founded the HK MWD Tver on the basis of the THK. While the professional team was outsourced to the HK MWD, the juniors and the second team continued to play under the name THK Tver.

The former second team of the THK Tver played in the following years in the third division, the Pervaya League .

Alexei Schdachin, head coach between 2013 and 2016

At the end of the 2008/09 season , they were promoted to the Wysschaya League. Until 2010, the THK Tver played in the second division, the Wysschaja Liga , before he was relegated to the third division, the Pervaya League , as part of the founding of the Wysschaja Hockey League . In 2012, however, he was taken back to the Vysschaya Hockey League.

THK Tver acted as the farm team of KHL participant HK Vitjas .

During the 2016/17 season, financial troubles began, which peaked at the beginning of winter. The financial support from the regional budget had decreased significantly and the association had problems finding new sponsors. The professional team still reached the play-offs, but failed in the second round. After the end of the season, the club went bankrupt, among other things due to enormous arrears in wages.

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