MORM syndrome

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The MORM syndrome , acronym for M entale retardation , hull stressed O besitas ( truncal obesity ), R etinale dystrophy and M ikropenis , is a very rare congenital disease with the eponymous principal features.

The first description comes from the year 2006 by the British doctors David J. Hampshire, Mohammed Ayub, Kelly Springell et al.


The frequency is not known; 14 people in one family have been described to date. Inheritance is autosomal - recessive .

root cause

The disease are mutations in INPP5E - gene on chromosome 9 locus q34.3 basis that 5- polyphosphates-for inositol phosphatase coded.

This gene is also affected in type I Joubert syndrome .

Clinical manifestations

Clinical criteria are:

Differential diagnosis

The Laurence-Moon-Biedl-Bardet syndrome and the Cohen syndrome are to be distinguished .


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Individual evidence

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