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View of the library magazine at the university library of the TU Hamburg-Harburg

A magazine library is a library whose holdings are not immediately available to the library user. The library's media are kept in a library magazine. Use of the holdings is therefore only possible via library catalogs.

Many libraries store part of their holdings in magazines. A pure magazine library, for example, is the Medical History Library of the University of Zurich .

A special form of the magazine library is the remote library or mail order library . Because the items on loan are only sent by post, the book magazine does not have to be in an inner-city location.

Open access library and magazine library can also be combined in a single institution, in which less popular holdings are bunkered in a branch office (storage library). If several libraries operate a common storage library, the number of copies of a book can be reduced.

Company libraries and company libraries are often set up as magazine libraries. The loan of books to external parties usually does not take place or only to a limited extent. The library of a newspaper editorial office, for example, cannot borrow books externally, so that the editors have quick access to such basic information that is only available in book form.

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