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The Majorero is a Canarian hard cheese . It is made in Fuerteventura .


The cylindrical majorero loaves vary in diameter between 15 and 35 cm and in weight between 1 and 6 kg. The natural rind is treated with Gofio , coarse corn flour, or paprika powder and is therefore floury white or bright red. The matured cheese shows a typical groove pattern on the top and bottom, which goes back to the shaping with palm leaves.


The Majorero is made from the pasteurized milk of Majorera goats . These frugal animals are perfectly adapted to the conditions on the island and produce particularly fatty milk. The milk is curdled by adding enzymes . The curd is then pressed and ages for different lengths of time.


The name of the cheese comes from the medieval name for the island of Fuerteventura, Maxorata , from which the adjective majorero is derived.


Majorero Tierno

This cheese has not matured. It is a cream cheese that, like the other majorero, is made from goat's milk and eaten without a ripening phase.

Majorero semicurado

The semi-ripened cheese is 3 months old and has an intense aroma.

Majorero curado

This is the cheese that has matured for 4 months. Roasted aromas can be tasted.


The majorero tastes slightly piquant and a little sour. The more mature the cheese, the more balanced and intense its goat's milk taste. Older cheeses have a touch of spiciness. Its fat content is 55% fat i. Tr.


grilled majorero

Majorero is eaten raw in a salad or on bread. The older it is, the better it is also suitable for refining casseroles, meat dishes, soups and sauces.

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