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Schnelles-Geld-Letters ("Earn a lot of money quickly") or Make Money Fast (MMF) is a type of chain letter based on the pyramid scheme that is now mainly used on the Internet . This is a network abuse that can be carried out with all media suitable for publication, in particular on the Internet as spam on Usenet and by e-mail .

The principle is simple: with a confusing, very long, emotionalized text, the initiator tells a tricked life story, according to which he used to be very poor and is now extremely rich and invites the readership to imitate it. This consists of sending a very small amount of cash (1 dollar or euro) by post to 5 or 6 people named in the letter with their name and address, then adding their own name and address to the list to send the whole thing on to a large number of recipients.

The initiation and dissemination of such letters are very common on Usenet. However, it is spam with a high Breidbart index . Such posts are therefore often deleted immediately .

Network abuse officers from providers report that especially young ( i.e. inexperienced ) users get the idea to play along. Mathematical considerations have shown that at best only the initiator himself and a very few levels of his successors on the list can really receive money. Due to the fact that only a limited number of people live on earth, the snowball effect cannot continue indefinitely. Even under the illusory assumption that all recipients would participate, so that the chain never breaks, the number of participants increases exponentially. If each participant only sends the letter to 2 recipients, the total number of recipients would already exceed the world population after 22 circulations, which is obviously not possible. If in this scenario only the following 6 stations have an amount of money of e.g. B. send 1 dollar, even early participants only receive dollars. Only just under 4.8 million participants can receive this sum. If each of the recipients forwards more letters, the chances of winning increase, but the number of recipients grows even faster so that only a few at the beginning of the chain can receive a large profit. With 10 recipients, the limit has already been exceeded in 11 round trips.

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