Manfred Glotz

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Manfred Glotz (born January 25, 1942 in Penzig ; † May 7, 1965 in Ilfeld ) was a fatality on the inner-German border .


Manfred Glotz was a pipelayer at VEB Potash Plant Roßleben. Fearing a seven-month prison sentence for theft, to which he had been sentenced and which he had not yet started, Glotz decided to flee to Germany with an acquaintance, Udo Sch. On May 4, 1965, they managed to cross the border fortifications near Rothesütte . Glotz was shot already beyond the barrier, 30 meters from the actual border. Udo Sch too. was hit, but could still reach the federal territory. The GDR border guards first lit smoke candles to block people on the western side from sight before they recovered Glotz. He died three days later in the hospital.

In the 1990s, the Public Prosecutor's Office II investigated the death of Manfred Glotz at the Berlin Regional Court. But the evidence proved impossible. It could not be determined whether there was an intent to kill and who had fired the fatal MPi volley on Manfred Glotz. The results of the investigation were not sufficient to bring a public lawsuit for manslaughter, which is why the proceedings were discontinued in 1998.

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