Marin Balabanov

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Marin Balabanow (also written Marin Balabanov , Bulgarian Марин Балабанов ; * 1974 in Sofia , Bulgaria ) is a Bulgarian-Austrian illustrator of comics and for webcomics and fanzines .

Marin Balabanow began drawing for science fiction fanzines in the 1970s . He brought out three numbers of the fanzine "Die Wunde". He later worked for the military magazine "AUSBATT-Splitter", which published his comics and articles. In 2004 he joined the SFC Stardragons , where he published drawings and narrative works for the magazine "Future Magic". In the following years Balabanow mainly drew comics a. a. an extensive project that appeared in 2006.

Since 2005 Balabanow has been bringing out Xego , which is also available as a webcomic . It shows the adventures of Dani-E , the galactic go-go dancer, and Travellic , the space chush. There is also a short story in every issue.

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