Marlin spike

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large marlin spike made of steel

The Marlspieker , Markpfriem , also hollow spike is a splicing tool as an iron spike with a knob at the thicker end, and a tool of the riggers as a processor of cordage for maritime use, which is used to splice cordage. The marlin spike is still one of the tools of the seamanship today .

When splicing, the marlin spike is used to push apart the cardels from twisted and braided cordage and wire ropes .

In addition, the marlin spike is a universal tool on board a ship. It is used as a percussion and knocking instrument, to "break" (loosen) tight knots and to loosen the bolt on a shackle .

The length of a marlin spike varies between 30 and 70 cm. The tip can be round or flattened.

If this tool is made from hardwood, bone or other natural materials and the knob at the thicker end is left out, it is called a fit . Very large fits (over a meter in length) that are to be placed vertically on the ground are called "Tertsch" by the riggers.

Very small marlin spears (up to approx. 10 cm) are called prickers. They can be found both as individual tools and as part of jack knives ( sailor knives ). The folding knife used in many states (military) parachutists ( guillotine , called the flier trimming blade ) are usually equipped with a pricker.


The Italian name for the Marlspieker Caviglia can also be found in Italy as a family name.

The literal translation of the pseudonym of the American security researcher Moxie Marlinspike means "courageous marlinspike".

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