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A marquisette is a fine-thread fabric that is woven using a leno weave . This creates a grid-like appearance.


During the weaving process, warp threads are crossed with weft threads. The closer the threads lie together, the stronger the fabric. If the threads are far apart, they can move more easily. The expert speaks of slip resistance .

Conventional weaving cannot produce a non-slip fabric with a lattice look. A marquisette is made by twisting two or more warp threads against each other after each insertion of a weft thread and enclosing the weft thread. The weft threads are tied in this way even though they are a long way apart.

For this purpose there is a leno harness on the marquisette loom that turns the warp threads against each other.

Many fibers are suitable as material. Often cotton and polyester .


Marquisette fabrics are mainly used in window decoration .


They are transparent and durable. However, pull threads can arise. Depending on the material used, shrinkage can occur.