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Marxist controversy and journal - Against the Costs of Freedom (MSZ) was ajournal publishedby the Marxist Group (MG) in Munich from the late 1960s to 1991. It was originally called the Münchener Studentenzeitung (MSZ) and was the official organ of the AStA of the LMU Munich . After the abolition of the written student body in Bavaria in 1973, the publication was renamed the Marxist Student Newspaper (MSZ) and was continued as the publication of the Red Cells (later MG). This later resulted in the national political magazine of MG under the name MSZ - Against the Costs of Freedom .

With the dissolution of MG in 1991, the publication of the MSZ was also stopped. The GegenStandpunkt has been a quarterly follow-up publication since 1992 . The GegenStandpunkt website contains a digital archive of the MSZ articles from 1980 to 1991, sorted by topic.

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