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Four binding points of a mesh

The stitch bind determines the type of thread interlacing with knitted fabrics (knitted and Kulierwaren and warp knits). The stitch is the connection of two intertwined thread loops to form the smallest stable unit of a knitted fabric.


Meshes are connected to one another by four binding sites. The connections on top of each other, such as those created when crocheting , for example, create a wale , while the cross- linked loops form a row of stitches .

If the stitches in the double crochet are in front of the lower stitch head (as in the drawing below ), it is called a right stitch , if they are behind the lower stitch head (as in the sketch above), it is a purl stitch .

Basic ties of knitted fabrics

Knitted and woolen goods

When knitwear - and weft knit , there are three basic weaves , which can be seen by the way the mesh along the wale:

  • If only right stitches are visible along the wale on the right side of the fabric and only left stitches on the left side, it is a so-called right- left stitch weave (RL).
  • Alternating right and purl stitches on the wale indicate a left-left stitch (LL).
  • With the right-to-right stitch (RR), only right or only purl stitches are visible on both sides along the double crochet

Warp knitted fabric

In warp knitted fabrics , one differentiates between seven basic weaves that are only made from the mesh element: fringe , tricot , cloth, satin, velvet, atlas and twill.

(Schematic representation):

In addition to stitches, handles , floats , weft threads and standing threads are also known as binding elements .

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