Maximos (Koroplast)

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Maximos ( ancient Greek Μάξιμος ) or Masimos ( Μάσιμος ) was a Greek Koroplast who was active in Asia Minor , possibly in Smyrna , in the early 2nd century .

Maximos is only known from a signature on a clay statuette of the goddess Artemis Ephesia . The goddess stands on a rectangular base to which a staircase leads. Her arms are outstretched, in her hands she is holding thick, downward sloping strands of wool. She wears a polo shirt on her head , her face is covered by a veil, which is flanked by two barely recognizable protomes . She wears two necklaces, under which three rows of breast-like structures can be seen, between the lower half of the body and the woolen strands there is a deer with bushy antlers on each side.

The statuette has been in the British Museum in London since 1972 .



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