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Craig Dimech
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Thunder in My Heart Again (feat. Leo Sayer )
  UK 1Template: Infobox chart placements / maintenance / NR1 link
02/18/2006 (18 weeks)
  DE 46 04/07/2006 (9 weeks)
  AT 55 04/07/2006 (5 weeks)
  CH 78 05/07/2006 (1 week)
Feels Like Home (feat. Dino )
  UK 39 04/21/2007 (4 weeks)

Meck (real name Craig Dimech , born March 2, 1981 ) is an English DJ and music producer. He became internationally known in early 2006 with a remix of the hit Thunder in My Heart (came 22nd in the UK in 1977) by Leo Sayer .

Meck first made a name for himself as a DJ and was among the DJ MAG Top 100 DJs worldwide in 1999. He moved from his home in the UK to Los Angeles in the early 2000s , where he also became head of the production company Free2Air Recordings .

In 2005, while browsing an LA record store, he came across the album Thunder in My Heart , which Leo Sayer had recorded in 1977. While listening to it, he got the idea to remix the theme song house style . He was also motivated by the fact that Sayer and his partner Tom Snow had written and recorded the song in Los Angeles at the time. He got in touch with Leo Sayer, who now lives in Australia, and convinced him of the idea of ​​recording the song again together. They both met in London.

The result of the collaboration was the single Thunder in My Heart Again . The song was immediately traded high by DJs and radio stations and after its release in February 2006 it went straight to number 1 on the UK charts and stayed there for two weeks. In spring 2007, the second single Feels Like Home was released.


  • Thunder in My Heart Again (2006)
  • Feels Like Home (feat. Dino, 2007; with a sample from "Don't You Want Me" by Felix)
  • So Strong (2008; with a sample from "Hold That Sucker Down" by the OT Quartet)
  • Feels Like a Prayer (feat. Dino, 2010; cover of Like A Prayer by Madonna, with a sample from Don't You Want Me by Felix)


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