My parrot won't eat hard eggs

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My parrot does not eat hard eggs is a German hit . The text is by Hermann Frey , the melody by Walter Kollo . The premiere took place in 1928 on Berlin radio.


The hit was a great success in Germany, but also internationally, and was sung by various leading entertainers of the time. Efim Schachmeister recorded one of the most famous interpretations for Deutsche Grammophon . After 1945, the song gained great popularity again, was recorded dozens of times over the decades and is now considered a classic of the nonsense hit of the 20s, although it was originally intended as a parody of the same.


A trial in a Berlin court that took place shortly after the hit hit contributed to the spread of the song. An elderly woman had given notice to a servant because she had fed her parrot a hard egg, whereupon it died. The woman complained that the maid should have known after the song appeared at the latest that hard eggs were not suitable food for parrots. The judge declared the dismissal inadmissible.


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