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A memorandum is a memorandum , a statement, a calendar booklet or simply a note with something memorable, or a memo for short ; In administrative language it is also referred to as a reminder and stands for a statement. The word is of Latin origin: memorandum literally means “that which is to be remembered” or “that which is to be remembered” ( gerundive to memorare '(to) remember'), memo is an abbreviation for memoria 'memory'. , ,Memory'. The plural is memoranda or memoranda .


As a calendar (chronologically ordered annual or daily overview), the memorandum is an overview of special events. Memoranda in this sense are for example:

Reminder note

With Memo is sometimes called small notes that you customize for example when making calls to keep to what is said or is heard in memory. A memo is usually written in key words .

Memos are also used to notify appointments in the office.


In legal practice , a memorandum is often referred to as a text that answers a legal question internally or towards clients. How memoranda are structured in detail is a matter of opinion and differs from law firm to law firm. A possible construction variant would be the following:

  1. Starting position: You summarize the facts in a few sentences.
  2. Question: The questions to be answered are precisely formulated.
  3. Result: The result of the investigation is briefly presented. The addressee is often not as interested in the reason as the result. Hence the result is anticipated.
  4. Reason: The reason for the result is presented in detail. Formally, the justification is presented in a similar way to case processing in academic training (with sensible disposition and references).

Memorandum also denotes - adopted from English usage - a legally non-binding declaration of intent from contractual partners as a memorandum of understanding .


Following summit meetings of heads of state or closed meetings of politicians and other governing bodies, a common position is published which, if it is deemed particularly important or worth remembering, is titled as a memorandum.

The Evangelical Church in Germany since 1962, are at greater intervals memoranda to primarily social and socio-ethical issues out, which causes understandable attention and occasionally controversial.

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