Michael Robertson (Entrepreneur)

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Michael Robertson, 2006

Michael Robertson (* 1967 ) is an American entrepreneur. Robertson is the founder and director of Linspire, Inc. (formerly Lindows, Inc. ), which manufactures and sells the Linspire (formerly Lindows ) Linux distribution. Robertson has faced massive legal battles in the past as Microsoft sees copyright infringement in the name of their product Windows . Eventually the lawsuit was dismissed by Microsoft and Linspire was allowed to keep the name. After that, both have suited out of court. Microsoft was willing to pay Lindows $ 20 million to have Lindows renamed. Since then, Lindows has been called Linspire.

In addition, Michael Robertson is the founder of ajax13 , a software company that tries to replace conventional applications with web applications based on Ajax .

Previous programs are AjaxWrite (word processing), AjaxSketch (vector drawing), eyespot (video editing), AjaxXLS (spreadsheet), AjaxTunes (media player).

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