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Midnight Commander

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Basic data

Maintainer The Midnight Commander Team
developer Miguel de Icaza
Publishing year 1994
Current  version 4.8.25
( July 12, 2020 )
operating system Linux / Unix / Mac OS X , OS / 2 , Microsoft Windows
programming language C.
category File manager
License GPL ( Free Software )
German speaking Yes

GNU Midnight Commander , mc for short , is a free clone of the DOS tool Norton Commander (→ two-column view) and is one of the best-known console programs in Linux .

A VFS also enables transparent access to archives and network servers, such as B. FTP or Samba .


The Midnight Commander was developed in 1994 by Miguel de Icaza and was his first contribution to the GNU project . About his intention to write the mc, Icaza himself says:

"I wanted to have a good file manager because I came from the DOS world, where there was a similar tool that was pretty good."

In earlier versions from 1999 to 2001, mc also had a graphical user interface gmc and was the first file manager of the Gnome project, but was considered very buggy. After the integration of Nautilus as the standard file manager in GNOME, the graphical functions were removed from mc. The lack of a GUI is also an advantage, as the mc can also be used on a target system via a Telnet or SSH connection (which runs in a console).

In the meantime, two Windows ports of the Midnight Commander have been implemented, but only mcwin32 will be further developed.

The development of the Midnight Commander stood still for several years before a group of programmers revived it in early 2009 and released version 4.6.2. Despite the relatively long period in which the project was not developed further, it is still widely used today.

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