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Miguel de Icaza at the MySQL Conference 05

Miguel de Icaza (* 1972 in Mexico City ) is a free software developer and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Gnome , Mono and Xamarin .


Miguel de Icaza studied at the National Autonomous University of México mathematics , but without ever reaching an academic degree.

His first successful free software project there was in 1994 the development of the file manager Midnight Commander , which is still widely used today , and he was also one of the first contributors to the Wine project.

Interviews in the summer of 1997 between it and Microsoft to the Internet Explorer for SPARC porting failed due to his lack of a university degree , which the H-1B -Visum requires for an appropriate work permit in the United States.

In August 1997, together with Federico Mena, he started the Gnome project to develop a free graphical user interface. Up to this point in time there was no free, uniform desktop environment for Linux (with the exception of KDE , whose licensing situation was not clear enough for many members of the community at that time). As the basis of the Gnome desktop, Miguel de Icaza used and expanded the free GTK library , which was originally developed for the GIMP image processing program .

In 1999 he and Nat Friedman founded the company Helix Code, which focused on the development of GNOME applications. A little later, the company was renamed Ximian. In 2003 the company was taken over by Novell .

In 1999 he received the FSF Award . In 1999, he was also named Innovator of the Year 1999 by the MIT Technology Review . Time Magazine named Icaza one of 100 Innovators for the New Century in September 2000.

In 2001 Icaza started the Gnumeric Project, a free spreadsheet program inspired by Microsoft Excel .

The free implementation of the .NET framework, known as Mono, and the improvement of existing GNOME applications, besides his public relations work, took up most of the time in the following years.

Despite his contributions and achievements in the free software environment, Icaza is not without controversy, as he is potentially open to technologies from the Windows or proprietary software environment. In addition to the initiation of Nachimplementierungen of Microsoft technologies ( COM / CORBA  → Bonobo , Outlook  → Evolution , .NET  → Mono, Silverlight  → Moonlight ), Icaza also defended Microsoft's Office Open XML (OOXML) document standard compared to the extensive criticism of open source - and free software community.

For his openness to Microsoft technologies, for example, he was openly criticized by Richard Stallman during Software Freedom Day in Boston in 2009 as a traitor to the free software community . Icaza reacted calmly on his blog by pointing out that, on the one hand, he believed in a world of possibilities and, on the other hand , was always open to concrete suggestions from Stallman on how FOSS can be strengthened in the world.

In early 2010, Icaza received the Microsoft MVP Award in the C # category . In March 2010, he was a Most Powerful Voices in Open Source - metric calculated as the fifth most influential member of the open source community.

In April 2011, Novell was taken over by Attachmate and in the course of this all projects with a mono-reference were discontinued. De Icaza then founded Xamarin in May, where Mono and related projects are now being continued.

In 2012, Icaza sharply criticized the Linux desktop as "dead"; He cited the developer-focused culture, the fragmentation of the distributions among each other and the lack of backward compatibility as reasons for this . Linus Torvalds and other Linux greats responded by pointing out that by founding the Gnome project, Icaza himself contributed to the further fragmentation of the Linux ecosystem, which is also not known for (API) stability - in contrast to Linux Kernel , the first priority of which has always been to maintain userland binary compatibility.

Private life

Miguel de Icaza came from a family of scientists ; his father was a physicist , his mother a biologist .

He has been married to the Brazilian Maria Laura Soares da Silva (now Maria Laura de Icaza) since 2003 .

De Icaza made cameo appearances in the films Antitrust and Codename: Linux .

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