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Novell, Inc.

legal form Corporation
founding 1979
resolution 2014
Reason for dissolution Takeover by Micro Focus
Seat Provo , United States
management Bob Flynn
Number of employees 3,600 (December 2009)
sales $ 812 million (2010)
Branch software

Novell [ noʊ'vɛl ] was an American high technology - company and was until 2017 as a brand of the British company Micro Focus used. Novell specialized in network and Internet software products. It developed the server operating system NetWare .


Until 2000

The company began in 1979 in Provo , Utah, under the name Novell Data Systems Inc. as a hardware manufacturer for CP / M -based systems. In January 1983, it was renamed Novell Inc. , and Ray Noorda (1924-2006) became managing director. In 1983 Novell also introduced the multi-platform network operating system NetWare . The manufacturer Novell Inc. was listed on the Nasdaq as NOVL.

The network protocols that Novell developed are based on Xerox Network Services (XNS), have been further developed from Internet Datagram Protocol (IDP) and Sequenced Packet Protocol (SPP) and are called Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) and Sequenced Packet Exchange (SPX). File and print services ran on the NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) over IPX, as did routing information ( RIP ) and service information ( SAP ).

Novell acquired Digital Research , the manufacturer of DR DOS with the GEM , an MS-DOS -like, but multitasking -capable operating system , and sold this under the name Novell DOS . This was later marketed as OpenDOS and then as DR-DOS by Caldera .

During the 1980s, Novell was very successful economically. With its network operating system, the company had little competition and practically a monopoly position for networked PCs and was able to sell its products at high prices. However, that changed in the 1990s, especially when Microsoft first released a server variant of Windows in 1993 , namely Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1 .

Based on Unix SVR4 , Novell began developing its own Unix derivative under the name Univel in collaboration with the Unix System Laboratories , which was published in November 1992 under the name UnixWare .

By buying up various companies, Novell tried to maintain its market position against the new competitor. In 1993 the Unix System Laboratories including Univel were bought by AT&T for 350 million US dollars . In the same year, Novell also bought WordPerfect Corporation and the Quattro Pro spreadsheet from Borland .

Novell / SuSE at LinuxTag 2004

In 1995 Unix was sold to the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO). The scope of the sale between Novell and SCO is controversial, especially with regards to copyright. See also: SCO against Linux .

Digital Research switched to Caldera. Novell was quite unlucky with WordPerfect Office ; it increasingly lost market share. While the associated groupware GroupWise is sold as an independent product by Novell, the rest of the WordPerfect Office, consisting of WordPerfect, Presentations and Quattro Pro, went to Corel .

From 2001 onwards

In July 2001 Novell bought the consulting firm Cambridge Technology Partners to make it its sales division. The company's CEO , Jack Messman, soon became the head of Novell.

On August 4, 2003, Novell announced the purchase of the 1999 founded software manufacturer Ximian (today's name: Xamarin ). Ximian was on the market with open source software and among other things offered a desktop environment for various Linux distributions .

Novell announced on November 4, 2003 the takeover of Suse Linux AG at a price of 210 million US dollars. The transaction was completed in February 2004. Suse Linux AG was converted into a GmbH and fully integrated into Novell's partner and sales network as a subsidiary. This made Novell one of the largest providers of solutions for the free Linux operating system .

In March 2005 Novell released the OES ( Open Enterprise Server ). This includes both NetWare and the Suse Enterprise Server and offers existing Novell customers the option of gradual migration to Linux. In July 2005, Novell also gave the open source community massive support. With the operating system-independent .NET development environment Mono and Evolution , Novell offers further migration solutions to Linux. Novell is also involved in the development of . At the end of fiscal year 2005, however, Novell had to accept a drop in sales and announced extensive restructuring measures, which also included layoffs of employees. Furthermore, one of the co-founders of Suse, Hubert Mantel, left the company, but later returned to Novell.

Since 2007 Microsoft has been cooperating with Novell, which sold the Linux distribution Suse. Microsoft can recommend Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) to its customers if a customer so wishes. In August 2007, Novell won a lawsuit against SCO. Novell was given the copyright to Unix. In the summer of 2011 this judgment became final, as SCO no longer filed an objection.

On November 22, 2010, Attachmate announced the near-complete acquisition of Novell for $ 2.2 billion. Organized by Microsoft and founded with Apple , EMC and Oracle , CPTN Holdings LLC has acquired 882 patents from Novell. On April 28, 2011, Attachmate completed the acquisition. Novell has not been listed on the Nasdaq since then.

Some new products were released in 2012: Novell Vibe, Novell Groupwise 2012, Zenworks Mobile Management, Novell Filr and Novell iPrint.

Since 2014

On November 21, 2014, the successful merger of Micro Focus and Attachmate was announced. Novell was since then a brand of Micro Focus International and no longer an independent company. In 2017, Micro Focus decided to give up the Novell brand and now offer the products under its own name.


Novell offered a number of software products for businesses, including:

While the focus used to be on the NetWare server operating system, in the end it was on Linux products, directory services and identity management (now NetIQ).

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