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A driver can be seen inside the machine.

As carrier (engl. Driver ) is called a machine part which sets in motion another part or a workpiece is also in motion, thus entrains . A well-known form of a driver is the drum rib ( lifter , paddle or baffle ) in a washing machine drum . This is usually a plate in the drum , on which the laundry in this drum hangs up to a certain height and then falls back down and is whirled through in this way. In a washing machine there are several drivers that are spaced apart from one another.

Carriers come in different shapes and designs, for example in drum washing machines , mixing machines ( concrete mixers ), agitators of all kinds in the household (kitchen machines) and industry (dough processing), but are also used in conveyor technology . In lathes and cylindrical grinding machines , the driver is used to set the workpiece clamped between the centers in rotation from the spindle of the machine tool (to take it along). Even with the top devices of the milling machines , drivers are required for the rotation of the workpiece. The saw chains of chainsaws and chain milling machines also have drivers, which are responsible for distributing the chain adhesive oil onto the rail.


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