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description Magazine for monument culture in Germany
publishing company German Foundation for Monument Protection
First edition 1991
Frequency of publication six times a year
Sold edition 183,300 III / 2016 IVW-tested copies
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Editors-in-chief Beatrice Härig, Christiane Rossner, Amelie Seck, Bettina Vaupel
editor German Foundation for Monument Protection
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Article archive Annual register since 2005
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Monumente is a "magazine for monument culture in Germany" that has been published by the German Foundation for Monument Protection since 1991 . The magazine appears six times a year. The focus of the 74-page, continuously illustrated magazine is on cultural monuments , the preservation or restoration of which is supported by the German Foundation for Monument Protection. The Foundation gives annually to the Heritage Day one Monuments -Sonderheft out.

Monumente informs the readers - those interested in monument preservation and monument protection and the sponsors of the German Foundation for Monument Protection - regularly about the projects and actions of the foundation: charity events, youth building huts , the school program "denkmal aktiv", seminars of the " DenkmalAkademie ", cultural trips, exhibitions and Publications of the in-house publisher. In addition, Monumente regularly calls for donations for monuments that threaten to decay without the help of readers. The editors-in-chief are Carola Nathan and Christiane Schillig, and Gottfried Kiesow was the scientific advisor until his death . The first editor-in-chief was Friedrich Ludwig Müller (1927–2020).

In addition to the print edition of the monuments , which will appear in the 27th year of 2017, the German Foundation for Monument Protection has also published the online magazine Monuments Online every two months since 2005 . It contains a few articles from the printed magazine that will be published at the same time, supplemented by expert discussions, pictures and book reviews.

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