Morphia (band)

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Morphia (2005)
Morphia (2005)
General information
Genre (s) Death Doom
founding 1995
Current occupation
Jasper Pieterson
Roger Koedoot
Bert Bonestroo
Ernst-Jan Lemmen
Erik v Tulder
Peter v Tulder
Martin Koedoot

Morphia is a Dutch symphonic - Death Doom band, founded 1995th


In 1995, Werner Wensink ( vocals ), Erik von Tulder ( bass ), Bert bonestroo (mixer), Martin Koedoot ( guitar ), Roger Koedoot (guitar), Ernst-Jan Lemmen ( drums ) and Peter von Tulder ( keyboard ) a Death Metal band that evolved into a symphonic doom metal band over time. In 1997 the demo CD Poison Minded was released .

In 1998 the Dutch recorded their first CD Unfulfilled Dreams , which was released in 1999. After they achieved a certain prominence, the singer Werner left the band , which is why they looked for a new singer. When Jasper Pieterson was accepted into the band as a singer, they wrote more songs, from which the new CD Frozen Dust was created in 2001 . This was released in 2002 in cooperation with the Dutch label Fear Dark . In the course of time Morphia played with well-known bands such as After Forever , Altar or Savior Machine . In November 2004, the album Fading Beauty was released , also on Fear Dark .


  • 1997: Poison Minded
  • 1999: Unfullfilled Dreams
  • 2002: Frozen Dust
  • 2004: Fading Beauty
  • 2009: One Last Embrace (CD / DVD)

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