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Mozilla Developer Network ( MDN ), formerly Mozilla Developer Center , is the official developer documentation of the Mozilla Foundation for web technologies, the open web and Mozilla projects.


After AOL's Netscape DevEdge website was shut down in October 2004 , the Mozilla Foundation wanted to prevent the information collected there from being lost and to make the documentation available to all users in a clear manner again. The Mozilla Developer Center project was started in February 2005 when the Mozilla Foundation got the license for the former Netscape DevEdge website from AOL. Finally, on July 23, 2005, the Wiki was launched. In 2010 the site Mozilla Developer Center (also called Devmo ) was renamed to the current name Mozilla Developer Network . A year later, the project was expanded to include the demo studio , which developers can use to exchange demos and code examples.

About MDN

Web technologies such as HTML , CSS , JavaScript and web APIs are documented on the website , which are intended to help promote the open web. The Mozilla Developer Network is based on a wiki , which means that every user has the opportunity to edit the documentation. The content is maintained voluntarily by a community of developers; all you need to edit the documentation is a Mozilla Persona or GitHub account. There is also a separate IRC channel for the project . The MDN is funded by the Mozilla Foundation through the provision of servers, among other things.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of the Mozilla Developer Network is available under the CC-BY-SA license .


On August 1, 2014, it was announced on the Mozilla Security Blog that there had been a database leak in the MDN some time before. From June 23, 2014, the e-mail addresses of over 76,000 users of the project and 4000 encrypted passwords from developers were publicly available for a period of 30 days. Even if, according to their own statements, no data was misappropriated and the passwords were encrypted, Mozilla asked the project users to change their passwords.

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