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Build software better, together.
collaborative version management
languages English
operator Microsoft (since 2018)
editorial staff Tom Preston-Werner
Chris Wanstrath
P.J. Hyett
user 40 million (August 2019)
Registration Optional
programming language Ruby on Rails
On-line April 2008 (currently active)

GitHub is a web based service for version control for software -Entwicklungsprojekte. It was named after the version management system Git . GitHub, Inc. is based in San Francisco , USA . The company has been part of Microsoft since December 26, 2018.

Similar services are GitLab , Bitbucket, and Gitee .


GitHub was developed by Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett, Scott Chacon and Tom Preston-Werner using Ruby on Rails and Erlang and launched in February 2008. The company GitHub, Inc. was founded in 2007 and is based in San Francisco . In July 2012, GitHub received a $ 100 million investment from venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz. In July 2015, GitHub received another US $ 250 million financing round from Sequoia Capital , Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive Capital and other venture capital funds as part of a further ("series B") financing round .

In early June 2018, Microsoft announced it would buy GitHub for $ 7.5 billion. Software developers initially viewed this purchase very critically and feared a disadvantageous development. The purchase was approved by the EU Commission on October 19, 2018 without any conditions and was completed at the end of December 2018. According to Microsoft, GitHub should remain an independent platform. GitHub took over Spectrum in 2018 and Dependabot, Pull Panda and Semmle in 2019. Github's CEO is Nat Friedman .

In November 2019, GitHub announced that it would archive all public code repositories on the platform in a former coal mine on Svalbard . For this purpose, around 21 Tbytes of data with more than 100 million repositories were stored on 186 microfilm rolls. These were stored on July 8, 2020 in a former mine located in the permafrost zone. The archive is known as the Arctic Code Vault .


In contrast to other service providers for the management of open source software ( English 'open source hosters' ) such as SourceForge , GitHub does not focus on the project as a collection of source code , but on the user with his source code databases, the so-called repositories ( i.e. directories that contain Git managed). The creation (English ' branch ') and merging (English ' merge ') of splits (English ' forks ') is particularly promoted. The so-called forks make co-development with external projects particularly easy: In order to make a contribution there, the repository is first split off, then the changes to be adopted are added and a request (English 'pull request') is made to the owner of the original , the changes to take over. Since all steps can also be carried out via the web interface, GitHub is particularly easy to use, even for beginners, compared to other developer platforms. This creates a social network , taking into account the particularities of distributed version control systems , which is also reflected in the "observe" or "follow" functions known from "real" social networks.

The creation of publicly viewable as well as private, i.e. non-public repositories is possible after a free registration. In addition, GitHub offers larger companies with GitHub Enterprise to deliver their own, separate GitHub installation in order to use the advantages of social programming for in-house software development.

After the design of GitHub had remained unchanged for years, a new interface was presented in June 2013. In this, the source code of the software provided there comes to the fore. A major innovation was a visualized statistic, which shows the programming languages ​​used and their contribution to the entire project.

Since March 2020, GitHub has also been available as a smartphone app for iOS and Android.


In 2011, GitHub was the most popular service of its kind for open source software, measured by the number of write accesses (“ commits ”). The service has over ten million registered users and manages 26.3 million repositories (as of August 2015). In addition to many very small or often only used by the owner projects, there are several well-known larger open source projects that use GitHub for the version management of their source code . Since mid-2012 it has been possible to provide complete websites on GitHub . The service supports the linking of an A record with the IP address of its server and delivers static content in response to corresponding HTTP and HTTPS requests. The function can be used in both the free and the "Enterprise" version of the service. GitHub Enterprise is also part of the Platform as a Service , Bluemix .

In October 2016, the journal Nature reported on the increasing importance of GitHub for the exchange of scientific data. In 2016, one percent of all computer science publications cited GitHub as a source, followed by mathematics and the life sciences.


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