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Myron at a private gig (2008)
Myron at a private gig (2008)
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
On air
  CH 10 02/10/2008 (7 weeks)
One step closer
  CH 10 03/08/2009 (15 weeks)
Never Regret
  CH 6th 02/27/2011 (10 weeks)
  CH 6th 09/22/2013 (5 weeks)
Say you want me
  CH 40 12/09/2007 (15 weeks)
One step closer
  CH 9 03/01/2009 (23 weeks)
Wonderful to Me (with Jenniffer Kae )
  CH 54 10/11/2009 (3 weeks)
  DE 93 October 18, 2009 (1 week)
If it ends
  CH 35 02/27/2011 (7 weeks)
Every little
  CH 60 09/22/2013 (2 weeks)

Myron is a Swiss pop-rock duo from the Basel region who sings in English. The duo was formed in the course of 2003 and consists of Emanuel Gut (vocals, guitar) and Chris Haffner (guitar, bass). Both had met while working as studio musicians. The band was temporarily under contract with Sony Music Entertainment .

Musical career

The release of their first single Say You Want Me from 2007 is only available as a download ( iTunes , bookplate) and reached number 68 on the Swiss charts in the first week . The release of the first album On Air took place on January 25, 2008. It was released both as a download and in stores. In 2008 they reached the top ten placement of their first CD On Air in the Swiss album charts . In 2009 new songs were recorded for One Step Closer .

One Step Closer is not a musical new beginning, but a further development of the typical Myron sound. The duo writes and composes songs with a high recognition factor that stay in the ear. Myron writes upbeat pop-rock numbers, funk -tinged soul and country-pop in the style of their models.



  • 2008: On Air
  • 2009: One Step Closer
  • 2011: Never Regret
  • 2013: Butterfly


  • 2007: Say You Want Me
  • 2008: I Don't Care
  • 2009: One Step Closer
  • 2009: Wonderful to Me (with Jenniffer Kae )
  • 2011: If It Ends
  • 2013: Every Little

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