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The NÖ-Burgen online website is the online version of the Lower Austrian Castle Database, an inventory project that has been running since 1999 to record the castles and residences in what is now the federal state of Lower Austria . An interdisciplinary, scientific team from the departments of archeology, architecture, history and art history writes high-quality texts on the history of ownership and construction of over 2,600 seats. Information on the current state of research is supplemented with data on the tourist infrastructure. The official atlas of the state of Lower Austria links queries on the subject of “castles and palaces ” with the object descriptions of Lower Austria castles online by clicking on the “Details ...” button .


In Lower Austria castles online, “seat” is understood to mean all objects that are historically, structurally and / or archaeologically comprehensible that either served as the at least temporary center of an aristocratic manor based on historical data or, due to their structural condition or preserved archaeological structures, as residential and Defense construction can be addressed. Former seats that could not be located to date are also included. These objects can be expected to have the greatest research potential in the future.

Pure defense structures, such as city ​​walls or entrenchments , are not taken into account here , unless they are structurally connected to the seat.

Project progress

The NÖ-Burgen online project was started in 1999 under the direction of Falko Daim and Thomas Kühtreiber . Up to 2014, detailed data sets on the aristocratic residences and castles in the Weinviertel , Waldviertel and western Mostviertel regions (political districts Amstetten, Gänserndorf, Gmünd, Hollabrunn, Horn, Korneuburg, Krems, Melk, Mistelbach, Scheibbs, Tulln, Waidhofen an der Thaya, Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Zwettl). For contractual reasons, further data sets were not put online until 2017.

Publications of the project team

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  • Gerhard Reichhalter, Karin and Thomas Kühtreiber: Burgen Weinviertel . Freytag & Berndt publishing house, Vienna 2005.
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