Natural skew

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The natural skewness in domestic horses corresponds to left or right handedness in humans. The natural crookedness of a horse is present from birth. So far, there is no conclusive scientific knowledge about what causes natural crookedness in horses.

The natural crookedness means for the rider that he has to exercise his horse - so that it can carry a rider without it getting health problems. For comparison: a person who carries heavy shopping bags with only their right hand every day will develop muscle and joint problems over the years. The situation is similar with the horse, which mostly only uses its right or left side when carrying the rider.

Various dressage lessons enable the horse to use its two halves of the body more flexibly. This gymnastics is important and should be observed daily by the rider. One goal of the rider is to his horse straighten . Straightening is part of the equine training scale . A straightened horse is so well gymnastic on both sides that the handedness is no longer noticeable.