Naval Vessel Register

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The Naval Vessel Register ( NVR ; German Navy Ship Register ) is used by the management of the US Navy out. It contains all data of the fleet in service and some decommissioned but not yet scrapped ships.


The NVR was introduced in the 1880s as a summary of several other publications. In 1911, the Ships Data US Naval Vessels Report was published by the Bureau of Construction and Repair. As the Bureau of Ships this task took over, the report was presented Ships Data Book ( Ship Data Book ) renamed. At the same time, the Bureau of Ordnance published the Vessel Register for the first time in 1942 (later renamed the Naval Vessel Register ), combined with the Ships Data Book in 1959 and continued by the Bureau of Ships. From 1962 the NAVSHIPSO (NAVSEA Shipbuilding Support Office) was entrusted with the maintenance of the register.


Ships are registered in the NVR as soon as the President has given his approval to build a new ship unit and the classification and registration number have been assigned. A ship is operated in the NVR as long as it is owned by the US Navy. When it is decommissioned, the date and manner of the whereabouts of the ship are recorded. The register is updated weekly.

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