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Mutt , a mail client implemented with ncurses
Basic data

Maintainer Thomas Dickey
developer Free Software Foundation
Publishing year 1993
Current  version 6.2
( February 12, 2020 )
operating system Unix derivatives , GNU / Linux
programming language C.
category character-based user interface
License modified MIT license
German speaking No

ncurses (abbr. of new curses ) is a free C - program library to character-based user interface (Text user interface TUI) independently of the illustrative text terminal or terminal emulator display. The control of the terminal is abstracted to such an extent that the programming can take place independently of the type of terminal used.

Although ncurses is part of the GNU project , it is not distributed under the GPL or LGPL , but under a slightly modified MIT license .

ncurses began as a new implementation ( clone ) of curses in Release 4.0 of System V , which in turn is a further development of the BSD implementation of the same name .

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  • Dan Gookin: Programmer's Guide to NCurses. Wiley Publishing Inc., Indianapolis IN, 2007, ISBN 978-0-470-10759-1 .

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Individual evidence

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