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Noel M. Swerdlow (born September 9, 1941 in Los Angeles ) is an American astronomy historian.

Swerdlow received his PhD from Yale University in 1968 with Asger Aaboe (Ptolemy's Theory of the Distances and Sizes of the Planets: A Study of The Scientific Foundations of Medieval Cosmology). He was Professor of Astronomy and the History of Astronomy at the University of Chicago , where he is now Professor Emeritus. In 1973/4 he was at the Institute for Advanced Study .

Sverdlov was primarily concerned with Renaissance astronomy such as that of Nicolaus Copernicus (about whose astronomy he wrote a book with Otto Neugebauer ), Tycho Brahe , Johannes Kepler and Regiomontanus , as well as ancient astronomy. He wrote a book on Babylonian planetary theories. In his dissertation he also dealt with the reconstruction of the method of determining the distance of the sun and moon by Hipparchus , as has been handed down by Ptolemy. and he also wrote about Hipparchus's discovery of the precession of the equinoxes. He is writing a book on Renaissance astronomy (2008).

In 1988 he was a MacArthur Fellow . In the same year he was elected to the American Philosophical Society .


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