Norwegian (shoe model)

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Elegant red-brown Norwegian with a leather sole
Coarse black Norwegian with a rubber profile sole

The shoe model with the name Norwegian is a men 's low-cut shoe with a blue cut with a leaf insert on the back of the foot and a vertical seam on the tip of the shoe.


The Norwegian shoe model is borrowed from the work shoes of Norwegian fishermen. The original construction method of the shoe with invisible bribed seams comes from the Eskimos and the original double-stitched construction method of the shoe is also called norwegian welt in the English language .


Three model variants are known from the Norwegian:

  • The rustic variant with outwardly curved, thus conspicuous and bulging shaft part edges
  • The French version with a vertical seam on the tip of the shoe that extends far up to the back of the toe (and therefore with a smaller front blade insert above the back of the foot), as well as discreetly kept seams and inwardly wrapped upper part edges.
  • The original version with invisibly bribed seams (high water resistance, as neither seam thread nor seam holes are visible from the outside) and with double stitching (more waterproof connection between the upper and the bottom)


Norwegians in the French style are also worn with elegant clothes (suits, combinations). In the rustic and in the original variant, they are combined with casual clothing. The high-quality Norwegian shoes are offered either with a welted or double-stitched design; the somewhat coarse-looking models often with a scotch gray embossed upper leather and with a crepe or profiled rubber sole.

Although the Norwegian is actually a basic model of classic men's shoes, it is occasionally also offered for women.


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