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Title page of Volume 1 (1852)
Ferdinand Hoefer

The Nouvelle Biographie Générale is a French-language biographical reference work . The 46 volumes were published between 1852 and 1866 under the direction of the French doctor and lexicographer Ferdinand Hoefer (1811–1878) and edited by Ambroise Firmin-Didot . Volumes 1 to 9 are titled Nouvelle Biographie Universelle , volumes 10 to 46 are titled Nouvelle Biographie Générale .


The individual volumes of the Nouvelle Biographie générale (published by Firmin Didot frères) are available in various formats in the internet archive.

Nouvelle biography Générale
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Volume 1 AA Alfez
Volume 2 Alfieri Aragona
Volume 3 Aragonese Azzubeydi
Volume 4 Baaden-Durlach Beaumanoir
Volume 5 Beaumarchais Biccius
Volume 6 Bichat Boulduc
Volume 7 Boules Bzovius
Volume 8 Cabacius Caselles
Volume 9 Casenave Charost
Volume 10 Charpentier Cochran
Volume 11 Cochrane Cortès
Volume 12 Cortese Danrémont
Volume 13 Dans Dewlet
Volume 14 Dexbach Duchesnois
Volume 15 Duchy Emmery de Sept-Fontaines
Volume 16 Emmet Faes
Volume 17 Faesch Floris
Volume 18 Florus Fryxell
Volume 19 Fuad-Effendi Geoffrin
Volume 20 Geoffrin Goerres
Volume 21 Goertz Grevile
Volume 22 Grevin Gyulay
Volume 23 Hague Hennequin
Volume 24 Hennert Holophira
Volume 25 Holst Irwin
Volume 26 Isaac Josephine
Volume 27 Josépin Koegler
Volume 28 Charcoal burner La laure
Volume 29 La Liborlière Lavoisien
Volume 30 Lavoisier Lettsom
Volume 31 Leu. Louis Napoleon
Volume 32 Louise se Savoie Maldeghem
Volume 33 Maldonado Martial
Volume 34 Martialis Gargilius Mérard de Sainte-Juste
Volume 35 Mérat Monnier
Volume 36 Monniotte Murr
Volume 37 Murray Nicolini
Volume 38 Nicolle Ozerof
Volume 39 Paaw Philosophers
Volume 40 Philoponus Preval
Volume 41 Prévalaye Renouard
Volume 42 Renoult Saint-André
Volume 43 Saint-Ange Simiane
Volume 44 Simler Testa
Volume 45 Test Vermond
Volume 46 Verne (La) Zyll.

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  1. With full title: Nouvelle Biographie Générale, depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à nos jours, avec les renseignements bibliographiques et l'indication des sources à consulter (Eng. "New general biography, from the earliest times to our days, with bibliographical information and display of sources to be consulted ”).

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