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A null allomorph also null terminator or Allomorph Ø , is a special form of Allomorph . It is a "no-sign" that corresponds to a place in an inflection paradigm. A null allomorph records morphemes (meanings) if they are not phonetically realized. Zero allomorphs are only accepted if there is an allomorph for the same morpheme that is different from the zero allomorph, i.e. it is actually realized.

A morpheme whose only allomorph is Ø is called a null morpheme . Since a zero ending represents the non-existence of an ending, it cannot be written with letters. Instead, the symbol Ø is used.

Note : Terms with " zero -" as a word component are occasionally used in linguistics to capture grammar phenomena, which are usually expressed by word parts or words, even when they are missing: zero derivation , zero article , zero element , null morpheme , Null subject .

Nullallomorphs in German

In German z. B. in the following cases zero allomorphs:

  1. In the present tense with verbs , singular with nouns .
  2. The dative singular ( masculine or neuter ) German nouns . This either ends with -e ('the man -e ') or it has no ending ('the man'). In this latter case, a zero allomorph is used for descriptive reasons ('Mann ').
  3. Plural - zero allomorph, for example in 'the teacher' - 'the teacher'.
  4. German does not have an indefinite article in the plural; B. 'a car' - 'cars'. The French , however, continues to this point, the shape of the 'z. B. 'une voiture' - 'des voitures'.

Null allomorphs in Russian

An example from the Russian language for the word карта ('card'). The endings are marked in bold :

case Flexion
Nominative singular карт- а
Instrumental plural карт- ами
Genitive plural карт- Ø

In the genitive plural , the (feminine) ending of the word was deleted without replacement, so that in this case it is карт.


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