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OLE DB ( Object Linking and Embedding, Database , also called OLEDB or OLE-DB ) is a programming interface developed by Microsoft based on the Component Object Model (COM) for standardized access to different data sources, starting with simple text files via Excel files , SQL - Databases up to object databases .

OLE DB was developed as the successor to ODBC . With ODBC, uniform access to relational databases with the query language SQL was achieved. OLE DB significantly expands the functionality of ODBC, as it enables standardized access to completely different data sources. However, OLE DB is also much more complex, and the goal of universal data access, which would allow the programmer to freely design his applications regardless of the type of data storage, has only been partially achieved. Microsoft initially announced that the 2012 version of the SQL Server would be the last version with an OLE DB provider and would recommend the ODBC provider. In 2017 this decision was revised and announced a further development and new versions of the OLE-DB driver. As reasons for the further development, Microsoft cited considerable difficulties with solutions from customers based on these drivers.

See also

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  • ADO - ActiveX Data Objects


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