Officer riding school in Paderborn

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The officer riding school in Paderborn was a training facility for the Prussian army. In what was then the Abdinghof barracks , both cavalry and officers from other branches of the army learned to ride as well as special riding maneuvers. German, non-Prussian and other foreign officers also attended courses here. There was another officer riding school in Soltau .

On October 1, 1913, Hugo von Kayser was appointed commander of the officer's riding school in Paderborn.

Shortly before the end of the Second World War, on March 22nd and March 27th, 1945, an aerial mine and incendiary bombs destroyed the church and the buildings of the former monastery. In 1952 the monastery buildings were demolished except for a few parts.


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Coordinates: 51 ° 43 ′ 7.3 "  N , 8 ° 45 ′ 8.6"  E