Ovamboland People's Congress

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Ovamboland People's Congress (OPC)
founding 2nd August 1957
Place of foundation South Africa 1928South African Union Cape Town
resolution Renamed Ovamboland People's Organization in 1959
Headquarters Windhoek
Alignment nationalist
Colours) _

The Ovamboland People's Congress (OPC; German  about Ovamboland People's Congress ) was a political party in South West Africa (now Namibia ) and is indirectly a predecessor organization of today's SWAPO .

The party was founded on August 2, 1957 by a group of students and workers in Cape Town , South Africa . The founding members included Andimba Toivo ya Toivo , Simon "Mzee" Kaukungwa , Eliazer Tuhadeleni , Peter Mweshihange , Solomon Mifima, Maxton Joseph Mutongulume, Jariretundu Kozonguizi, Emil Appolus, Andreas Shipanga , Ottiliè Schimming and Kenneth Abrahams.

The founding initiator Toivo ya Toivo had close contacts with other political activists such as Brian Bunting , Fred Carneson, Patrick Duncan , Sam Khan, Solly Sachs , Harold Jack Simons and Randolph Vigne, who were far beyond the group of South West African migrants in the political spectrum at the time went out in Cape Town.

In terms of content, the OPC focused primarily on the social problems of workers from the Ovambo population group , with the primary aim at the beginning of the abolition of the system of contract workers. This was later expanded to include the goal of liberating Namibia from South African rule.

The OPC was renamed Ovamboland People's Organization in 1959 .

Individual evidence

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