P element

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P element in the structure diagram
P-element as a symbol

As P-member is referred to a LZI - transmission member in the control engineering , which is a proportional having transmission characteristics. The associated functional relationship in the time domain is


so that the complex transfer function in the image area takes the form

Has. Here, K, K> 0 denotes the transfer constant or the gain factor.

Bode diagram

The P element is . Therefore, the following applies to the amplitude and phase response in the Bode diagram :

The amount characteristic is therefore a straight line at a distance of K dB from the 0 dB line. The phase characteristic is a constant 0 °.

Bode diagram of a P element (K = 2)

Step response

The step response of the P element describes a unit step with step height K.

Step response of a P element (K = 2)


The locus ( ) of the P element lies for all ω on the positive real axis at point K.

Locus of a P element (K = 2)

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